Donation to Centennial Middle School Science Teacher

To promote reason and science in our town, it makes sense to start with the children. We have outstanding middle school science teachers in Montrose, and it's not unusual for teachers to use some of their own income to buy classroom supplies. Therefore, we decided to help them out. In November, we donated $100 to Ms. Megan Waschbusch, a 7th grade science teacher at Centennial Middle School.

Here is her biography from the school website:

I am embarking on my ninth year teaching science. I have an undergraduate degree from the University of Delaware (Go Blue Hens!) in Wildlife Conservation and Ecology and a Masters in Science Education from Northern Arizona University (Go Lumberjacks!). I am an avid outdoors person and love living and teaching in Montrose. You may see me around town with my two young kiddos.

In her thankyou note, she wrote: "Thank you so much for providing financial support to my classroom. Your help is much appreciated and will go directly to supporting students learning science and engineering."

Highway Cleanup!

Ron Black got in touch with CDOT and got the go-ahead for a highway cleanup by our HAFTA volunteers. Six of us (including the photographer) worked between mile-marker 98 to 99 on highway 50 about 3 miles east of town and filled 8 large bags of trash. There appears to be a rough tie between Bud Light and Coors cans but we didn't get an exact count. A big thanks to Ron for organizing it and to our volunteers!

Our Main in Motion Exhibit

Club members agreed to sponsor a booth with the theme of "Keep Public Lands in Public Hands" in order to push back against politicians who want to transfer our Federal lands to the states. This is widely understood to be a ploy to eventually sell the land to wealthy individuals and corporations, so a large number of conservation as well as outdoors and sportsman groups oppose this. The large number of "NO TRESPASSING" signs on the outline of the United States symbolize what our country would look like if this transfer ever occurred.

Chris Gibson (shown) and Al Read manned the booth for the August 6, 2015 event. Here are pictures of our display.